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channel 2 morning news. >>> the wireless crowds are gearing up. at&t and verizon are adding wireless towers along the area and they are hoping to prevent a repeat when people could not actually make calls because of network congestion. >>> george says they will come down against anyone rulely behavior. >> you come to san francisco and if you assault our police officers or deputy sheriff's or break our property or if you live in this city and do any of this -- any of this stuff you will face consequences. >> nine suspects are expected to be arraigned this afternoon. as we told you at the top of the news cast, they have been arrested on charges and they are vowing to make sure there are no problems resulting from today's parade. if you cannot be there or want to stay away from the crowds our coverage starts streaming on ktvu channel 2 morning news. you can also watch it live on our mobile apps. >>> this is a story we first told you about. this is a long the hard hit areas in new jersey and responders believe natural gasoline are fueling these flames from houses, house us that burnedp d
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1